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I'm looking at all these "About" pages and they're all written in third person. Why? I didn't have anything to do with my Wikipedia page and it's third person but that's fine. Because I didn't write it. About me. But I am writing this. About me. So, I'm making with the first person. Why wouldn't I? Why didn't they? 

This is the kind of thinking that makes me a non-fiction reader and a non-fiction writer. You can't make stuff up like what humans actually do, or don't do, and it fascinates me.  That fascination led me to write essays, like this one, Who Shot Johnny?, which landed me in that year's Best American Essays.

In addition to articles from NYTimes, to Vibe, to the International Herald Tribune and Reader's Digest, I've written for sites like Mother Jones, Slate, and Salon.